Registration Street Performers

Registration is closed for 2017

Registration for the festival summer 2017 is now closed for applications.

The registration will open again in the end of November 2017 for applicatns for  2018.

Every applicants will get information wether they are in the programme or not, by the end of Feb/March 2017, so please don't send your application more than once.

5 small hints for making a good application: 

  • Don’t forget to ad great photos of your show/personality/band in the mail, if your photos are inbeded in pdf´s, they will not show up instant in most computers, unless you open the pdf. 
  • Videolinks are crucial, but a photo helps a jury in the process of evaluation and selection criterion.

    So our humble suggestion to make a successful application for festivals/programmers of today, 
    You need to add:
  • 1. CV - text in mail or word document/pdf
  • 2. Show presentation - text in mail or word document/pdf
  • 3. Photos - (.jpg, not pdf) of your show / stage character
  • 4. Videolink - Use Youtube or Vimeo or other well spread video player.
  • 5. Remember to keep the text short and informative (max. 1000 characters), don’t be afraid of using superlatives, it helps.
    If you have USP´s (Unique Selling Points) use it in your text as a sales pitch.