Miss Dolly (FRA)

Marcel et ses Drôles de  Femmes

Miss Dolly

Company: Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes

Marcel and his funny women will give us one of the most spectacular shows in the festival's 7 year history! For the first time ever, we'll be putting up a full size trapeze in Kungsträdgården. The trapeze will host the love story of these four French performers. Suspended high up in the air, these daredevils are sure to make us gasp with astonishment at their acrobatic feats. They tell a tale of love from above! This performance combines comedy, art and serenity all at once. In a way, they represent everything our festival stands for: Human capability is endless!

The company's website: www.marceletsesdrolesdefemmes.fr
Photo credits: Xavier Alvarez, Marina Escofet

Note! Only 1,2 & 3rd of July