LISA LOTTIE (UK) - Bend it like Barbie - Street Show

  • Lisa Lottie performs at Stockholm Street Festival 2-5th of July 2015
  • Lisa Lottie - Stockholm Street Festival 2015
  • Lisa Lottie -
  • Lisa Lottie Hula Hoop artist - Stockholm Street Festival 2015

'Bend it like Barbie' - Street Show

A festival style street show based on audience participation... and lots of Hula Hoops!

'Bend it like Barbie' is a festival style street show, 45 minutes in length but can be adjusted to suit a variety of events. This show includes audience participation, Comedy, Contortion and Lisa's very best Hula Hoop skills.'Crazy agile, beautifully charming and unbelievably flexible! Lisa Lottie will have you on the edge of your seat as she contorts her body and performs some of the most impressive Hula Hoop manoeuvres you have ever seen!Top top it al off she will attempt the world's most dangerous Hula Hoop trick, balancing sky high on just one foot. Expect great feelings of exhilaration & remember to scrape your jaw off of the floor. This show is all tricks, flourishes & laughter for the whole family!'


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