All you need is Love:  Solo show

A romantic comedy starring ‘Daphne’. A young woman who simply yearns to be loved in any way, shape or form. Daphne dazzles and dazes her audience incorporating death defying acrobatics, multiple hula hoops and clowning in an effort to win over a smile, applause, a friend or two and maybe even…a lover! This is a story of LOVE in all shapes and sizes. Daphne uniquely utilizes audience members to tell her story, ‘All you need is Love’; a narrative which unravels with unexpected twists, friendships and romance that build to a huge crescendo. A climactic, surprise celebration!!! ‘You have to see it to know how it ends.

"she was clearly one of the strongest shows out of a line up of international and national performers. Her show has excellent pacing, her character of Daphne is strong, quirky and very likable. This is all held together will well choreographed circus routines. Naturally audiences flocked to see her shows."
Louise Clarke, Adelaide Street Theatre Festival Producer

Only Umeå 10th of July and Lund 17th of July 2013


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